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Good Behavior and Manners

Can Help You Feel Confident in Any Situation

We teach three things

1. Etiquette/Manners

Children's manners courses in a fun, engaging environment

Business etiquette for those who want to make a good impression in the work place or who are entering the workplace for the first time

Adulting classes for those teens and college students who need to know how to make it in the real world

Dine like a Diplomat (A protocol School of Washington course) on how to navigate the dinner table with style and grace (all ages)

Corporate group courses to help a company's employees be their best         

2. Floral Arranging

Private one-on-one instruction or group instruction in creating fabulous floral arrangements for centerpieces, tablescapes, special occasions or just to brighten your home (these courses are taught through Alice's Tables)

"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful" ~ Luther Burbank

3. Tablescapes

What is a tablescape? A tablescape is a complete setting of your dining room table -- dishes, cutlery, linens, centerpieces, sideboards, and accouterments.

We help you create beautiful tablescapes for any occasion -- birthday parties, bridal/baby showers, anniversaries, holidays, intimate dinners, and more.

We can also set up tablescapes if you don't want to do it yourself. Dinner for two or 200, we help you create that special memory with a fabulous tablescape.

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